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  Next meeting

25 Jun 2015

AGM - 27 Aug 2015

29 Oct 2015

    Meetings held at
  Dandenong Agi Building
  Bennet St, Dandenong.
  8pm Start

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2015 SMZ Events
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Dates for SMZ events for 2015

SMZ Speed to Safety Competition 

Saturday 30th May & Saturday 25th July

Grades 1 to 4

Click HERE for Flyer/site/ponyclub/smz/downloads/Speed to safety 2015 SMZ entry.docx






SMZ Games Flat and Musical 26 Apr 2015

SMZ Mini Tooradin 24 May 15

Click here for club entry form

Click here for entry critera 

Entries for Mini Tooradin are CLUB entries and must be paid by the club.

Please note the changes to eligibility criteria for Mini Tooradin:

- Riders may only compete at 1 grade lower than they have been graded previously

- Riders who have been graded at Grade 1 Ht are NOT eligible to enter Mini Tooradin

- The restriction on riders who have been in a team that has previously placed has been REMOVED.


2015 Games Flat & Musical


Photos from Flat Team and Pairs available in news section below





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 Club Mentor List
Download this document to check who the mentor is for your club.


C Certificate testing Dates 2015

2015 Testing days
? Sat 21st Feb 2015 (worksheets required by Wed 7th Jan)
? Sat 16th May 2015 (worksheets required by Wed 1st April)
? Sat 17th Oct 2015 (worksheets required by Wed 2nd Sept)

Clubs Please Note - There is NO extension to the “C Certificate” closing dates. As the 
Zone Examining Secretary’s role is a volunteer position. Time is set aside to correct and 
return all C worksheets for the candidates. Can all clubs please make sure they NOTE the 
closing dates. Any additional work that’s required for the “C” worksheets will have a date 
when it’s to be returned back to the Zone Examining Secretary. Your clubs assistance with 
this is very much appreciated.

Checklist for requirements - click here.


C Certificate Application Form: 

download here

Attendance Form 

form is under club administration 

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